Foreign Trade University is one of the prestigious universities in Viet Nam. With 60 years of development, the university has achieved numerous successes and is continuously developing along with the country’s education system. Faculty of English for Specific Purposes, along with the faculty of Business English, was separated from English faculty in 2007 to undertake different tasks.

Some specific milestones:
In 1967: Establishment of Faculty of Foreign Languages, alongside the founding of the Foreign Trade University.
In 1999: Establishment of English Faculty
In 2007: Establishment of Faculty of English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Main tasks:
• Teach General Business English and English for specific purposes (ESP) to non-English major students in standard programs, high-quality programs, advanced programs, joint programs, dual-degree programs, professional training programs, etc.
• Conduct online teaching courses in the framework of the FTU-TOPICA training cooperation.
• Organize and conduct scientific research activities such as: seminars, conferences, writing textbooks, reference books, scientific articles, etc.
• Collaborate with some of the world’s major publishers such as Pearson, MacMillan, Cengage, etc., to support for students’ learning and use 100% copyrighted books as well as provide online learning accounts for students.
• Support and develop blended learning for students.
• Advise the Rector on solutions to improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching English courses for non-English majors throughout the university.